Dog Days Triathlon

Belmond Dog Days Triathlon

The Dog Days Triathlon has been a fun-filled and much anticipated event in Belmond for many years! This race is a modified sprint triathlon that features a scenic run using, in part, our beautiful community trail, a biking route through the country, and an abbreviated swim in our pool. The race is followed by the announcement of race winners and homemade rolls and other refreshments!

Traditionally, this race has been held the first week in August, but this summer we will be moving to later in August to avoid other community events.

We look forward to seeing you on race day!

Race Details:

This is a modified sprint triathlon. The ADULT route includes the following:

  • 3.1 Mile Run on Belmond's community trail and city streets
  • 12 Mile Bike heading east of town on a newly paved road
  • 2.5 lap swim in the Luick Memorial Pool

 *** the Bronco and mini triathlon routes are detailed in the bullet points below.

All race transitions (start, switch to bike, and finish) take place at the Belmond Luick Memorial Pool.

Race Check-In and Late Registration Begins at 6:30 AM on August 19, 2017.

The Adult, Bronco, and Mini triathlons will all begin around 8:00 AM. Adults will start first, Broncos will start second, and Minis will start last! 

  • ADULT = non-high school participants, or teams that have an oldest member that is not in high school or 18+ years of age.
  • BRONCO = 9th-12th grade students - Bronco participants will complete the adult running course, 8 miles on the bike, and the full swim. 
  • MINI = Grades 8 and under. The mini triathlon will be lead by an adult volunteer. Another adult volunteer will follow the last mini participant. This route includes a 1+ mile run, 3.5 mile bike, and full swim.



Belmond Luick Memorial Swimming Pool

908 1st Street SE, Belmond, IA 50421

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Registration Information

If selecting a team registration option, please refer to the information below for clarification in registering:

  • Each team member must register separately (per person pricing).
  • Mini-Triathlon - ALL team participants must be 12 or under.
  • Bronco Triathlon - ALL team participants must be a current Bronco student.
  • Your team must register for the team category that would fit its oldest member.
  • For 'Age Division' please select 'TEAM'
  • Once you have selected your team's category for registration, fill out the remainder of the information as it pertains to you individually (age and t-shirt size.) - your teammates will complete their own section.
  • Example: A team made up of a 12 year-old, 17 year-old, and a 32 year old must register for the normal Team Registration option (not the mini or Bronco option). 


Team Participants

Team Registration Information:

Teams can consist of 2-3 people. With the 2 person option, 1 participant would need to complete 2 legs of the race. With the 3 person option, each participant would complete 1 leg of the race.

EACH person must complete their own registration - the TEAM pricing is divided in a per-person format.

Team captains forward the team name and password for teammates to register under. 


**Team Captains will receive a confirmation email each time someone joins their team**

Use the email tool below to invite your teammates. Be sure to include your Team Name and Password.

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Participant Information

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